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​The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-Based Solutions in transforming Healthcare

The healthcare industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with... CONTINUE READING

Small Companies Harness the Power of IoT Solutions

In an era of technological innovation, small companies both in India and abroad are finding new... CONTINUE READING

Understanding Preventive Maintenance in Software Services

In the realm of software services, once a custom software has been built; maintaining reliable and... CONTINUE READING

Instances where companies need Preventive Maintenance

A company adhering to any kind of industry, it could be manufacturing, electrical service, home... CONTINUE READING

​Unlocking the Benefits: Embracing a Building Energy Management System for Bill Savings

In today's rapidly evolving world, energy efficiency has become a paramount concern for... CONTINUE READING

Guest Blogging Benefits to your SEO

Guest blogging is basically a two way process benefitting the author as well as the website where... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of Website Redesign

This is the era of online search, online comparisons, online shopping based on reviews. How do you... CONTINUE READING

How does SEO work - Search Engine Optimization Services India

SEO is the foundation of a comprehensive marketing system. When you understand what your website... CONTINUE READING

Organic SEO versus Paid SEO

Your 8 year old son uses Google to find her favorite game, your 15 year young girl uses Google to... CONTINUE READING

Features of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the tracking cycle from... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of a custom build CMS

Our cloud based Software development company in Delhi | Mohali has been serving clients from... CONTINUE READING

Why Does Every Business Need A Mobile App?

The term Digital is no more restricted to big business groups or super advanced technologies. COVID... CONTINUE READING

Commercial Building Energy Management System

As a commercial property owner in Delhi, NCR, Punjab, Haryana, or anywhere in India or abroad,... CONTINUE READING

Impacts of Dirty Data and how to keep it clean .

Having understood What is dirty data, let's understand how it can affect a business or an... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of CRM in Service Industry

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software has a simple yet elaborate motive of helping... CONTINUE READING

Why Businesses Need Inventory Management Software

The importance of inventory management software for businesses cannot be overstated. This... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of SaaS App Development

With innumerable companies offering all possible web services over the internet, it is definitely... CONTINUE READING

Types of Ecommerce Websites - Online Shopping Websites

Since the time e-commerce evolved, the online shopping business models used have also progressed... CONTINUE READING

Types of Ecommerce Revenue Models

We had been talking about the three most common participants in e-commerce - businesses,... CONTINUE READING

Types of Ecommerce Business Models Working Today

Around 24 million ecommerce sites have been estimated selling products online in 2020. For a better... CONTINUE READING

How Has The Pandemic Shifted Consumer To Online Shopping

Corona virus pandemic has confronted the human race to many challenging situations which needed... CONTINUE READING

How Has Technology Helped Education System During The Pandemic

COVID19 has impacted the world in a way what economists call a Black Swan event, which has not... CONTINUE READING

How Old Do You Think Is The Concept Of CRM

In Palaeolithic times accounting helped in survival and improvising, advancing and expanding over... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of CRM For Retail Business or Online Ecommerce Stores.

Even though the concept, pattern and prefrences for shopping has changed over the years as per... CONTINUE READING

Why Should I Have A Personal Website?

Is your social media page a personal website for you? Isn't it easier and better to just fill a... CONTINUE READING

What Industries Can Benefit From a CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management, a term that was catered to improving customer relationships,... CONTINUE READING

Benefits Of Cloud Based Software - Cloud Hosting Provider India

In our earlier blog posts, you have read about 'What Is Cloud Computing - Understanding the... CONTINUE READING

Content Management System - How Can This Benefit Your Business

With the ever-changing, improving, developing demand and supply chart in every industry, services... CONTINUE READING

Simple Humble Ways to Retain Your Clients

There is no second thought to how important it is to retain your customer and maintain healthy work... CONTINUE READING

Customer Retention - Key to Healthy Business

Navigating through the times of a pandemic, losing business and with an overall puzzled state of... CONTINUE READING

What Is Incident/Emergency Management?

Incidents, accidents or emergencies are unexpected but keep happening.It could be anywhere and at... CONTINUE READING

Cloud Based Application Development - What Do We Build

Having had a basic understanding of cloud computing in our last post, we can undertsnad about cloud... CONTINUE READING

What Is Cloud Computing - Understanding the basics.

Lets visualize Internet as a virtual ‘space’ connecting users from all over the... CONTINUE READING

How Will Small and Medium Businesses Survive The COVID 19

The health pandemic, COVID 19, has shaken the global economy like never before.It is the... CONTINUE READING

Why Is Energy Management So Important.

 Save Energy Save The Planet. Ever since a generation we have been painting posters on this... CONTINUE READING

AI improving efficiency of Adaptive Technology

Having talked of Assistive Technology and how it can help in daily living activities in general... CONTINUE READING

Where Is Assistive / Adaptive Technology Useful.

Having spoken of Assistive Technology and how it helps the accomplishment of tasks, let's... CONTINUE READING

Assistive Technology - AI Based Solutions

Assistive Technology (AT) refers to any device, system or design used by an individual to perform... CONTINUE READING

Why Does Your Factory Need An Energy Management System.

Manufacturing sector is one of the highest growing sectors. It is also a power intensive sector... CONTINUE READING

Reasons You Need A Blog Page On Your Website

Search Engine Optimization / SEO isnt easy to understand and work upon and maintain. WIth rising... CONTINUE READING

Impacts of AI and ML on Social Life

Artificial Intelligence is not miraculous pool of water but has the potential to help tackle some... CONTINUE READING

Shopify Alternatives for Your Marketplace Choice

We have already talked about the benefits of a custom online shopping website development over... CONTINUE READING

Why is A Custom Build Ecommerce Website Better ThanA Marketplace.

Shopping has always been the best stress buster. Other than visiting physical stores, online... CONTINUE READING

How O2O model works

Its not easy for retailers to compete with online shopping e chain outlests specifically in terms... CONTINUE READING

Online 2 Offline Commerce

Online-to-offline trade is a commercial business strategy that attracts prospective customers... CONTINUE READING

Machine Ethics - AI Software Ethics

  Each and every industry today starting right from our Good morning news App in our smart... CONTINUE READING

Artificial Intelligence Software Development India - AI Discussed.

  Terms like Machine learning,  Artificial Intelligence, IoT have become a part and... CONTINUE READING

Why Should You Have A Blog Page .

A blog is basically a kind of website managed by an individual or a small group of... CONTINUE READING

Machine Learning in IoT - IoT Software and Hardware Company India

  Human brain is a powerful computer. In case of machine learning  scientists and... CONTINUE READING

Machine Learning Application - What Is It?

India's reliable web and application development company , MegaSoftwares has been offering... CONTINUE READING

How IoT Works - Explained by Delhi/NCR's Leading IoT App Company

Internet of Things, IoT, has brought the science fiction of reel life into real life!... CONTINUE READING

Android App Development - Gingerbread No More!

Professional android development company, Megasoftwares in Delhi, has always been updated and been... CONTINUE READING

Digital marketing - Understanding What and Why

Now, that you have reached to this page of India's best digital marketing company, let's... CONTINUE READING

Creative Conceptual Logo Design

Right from a brand name in just a simple font made their copyright and that gets famous and... CONTINUE READING

B2C Portal v/s B2B portal – Comparison of Online Market Portal

When it comes to ecommerce websites, we talk of two platforms, B2B and B2C. Let's see how they... CONTINUE READING

Website SEO techniques - Web Designing and Development

Is your custom designed website SEO friendly too?! Are you playing too quick to reach the page 1?... CONTINUE READING

Custom Web Designing Features...not to be missed.

Web design company India, MegaSoftwares, takes complete care in training and updating its... CONTINUE READING

Search Engine Optimization

SEO/Search engine optimisation is one of the most talked about services in the web world. With... CONTINUE READING

Multi Level Dropdown Menu

Multi Level Menu with ASP.NET, C#, jQuery and SQL Server solution that I would like to share with... CONTINUE READING

Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0

Web 1.0: It represents the information published on the web in a static manner. It is just like... CONTINUE READING

Landing Page

As per Wikipedia, landing page is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a... CONTINUE READING

B2c B2b

Online B2C marketplace portals are the most widely looked for by end users as well as by companies... CONTINUE READING

Blog Hosting

A common but major issue that clinches ones mind while thinking of his own blog is - to have a blog... CONTINUE READING

What Is Your Bounce Rate

When measuring a website's effectiveness and popularity, bounce rate is one of those important... CONTINUE READING

Best android Application

Jelly Bean is the fastest and smoothest version of Android till yet, Android 4.1. Travelling... CONTINUE READING

Corporate Brand Identity

Corporate branding , to many means expense of about some thousands and lakhs of dollars, and to... CONTINUE READING

Facebook Oppurtunities

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn have become more of a business round table rather than a cafe shop... CONTINUE READING

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

With tons of consumer electronic devices and numerous screen sizes, catering to audience of... CONTINUE READING

Rules Business

1.The customer is out for himself, not for you. 2.Be clever, don't just try to be. 3.If... CONTINUE READING

10 Ways To Make Your Programming Better

The proprietor of Megasoftwares, top web development company in India, who himself has been and is... CONTINUE READING

Grey Charges

Best Web company in New Delhi , Megasoftwares, not only tries to keep you updated with the web... CONTINUE READING

Best Logo Design

Custom logo designs are much dependent upon the briefing provided by the clients. Logo designing... CONTINUE READING

Gingerbread : android Application Development

Gingerbread is a set of new and exciting features introduced by Android 2.3. Some of them are... CONTINUE READING

About Rss

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary; syndicating means republishing an... CONTINUE READING

Web 2 0

Web2.0 designs are something we call "ITS IN" but what is it exactly. There is no fixed... CONTINUE READING

Website Redesigning

Experience a Website Transformation with Our Website Redesign Services - What to Expect. In... CONTINUE READING

Web 3.0

As per our web design and development company India professionals web survey, web 2.0 allows... CONTINUE READING

Directory Submission

SEO company in India , Megasoftwares, shares with you how to select for your directory listings.... CONTINUE READING

How To Improve Sites Search Engine Position

Search engine optimization is a great asset to a website to make itself approachable by the target... CONTINUE READING
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