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CRM / customer relationship management, a software being used in almost any and all industries for managing a company's interaction with current and potential customers, and recording and   analyzing data about past interactions to improve business relationships with customers,  specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately assisting in sales growth. Our team tends to the latest requirements and technology providing expert cloud based application development in Punjab India.

Megasoftware's CRM development team has tried to incorporate all possible features in the CRM   module, the must haves and the choose yours.

Following are the major ones included which can be   clubbed into a package as per your business requirement.  We'd be happy to add any new feature you wish to have.

1. Contact Management.

Contact management is a must have element of CRM that every now and then is going with the aid   of consumer management software. This allows customers to phase your contacts into groups to   organize and cater to them more efficiently. With this CRM functionality, you’ll be able to   acquire vital client information and re inforce your advertising techniques while introducing   new merchandise. It additionally improves the personalization of all contacts with clients,   bringing you in better touch with them and raising their feel of being attended to.

2. Customer Opportunity Management. 

In order to streamline sales/marketing teams, improve efficiency and optimize your sales   process, this feature plays a major role. Known as Lead Scoring, this helps you quantify the   opportunities that your sales team has with customers.

3. Lead Management Module for Determining High-Quality Leads

Recording, monitoring, analyzing, predicting from leads to quotes to conversion, this module is   a solution that allows you to merge sales processes and assignments and also offers reporting   and comprehensive performance analysis. It helps you analyze the much important stats like lead   time, conversion rates, success ratio etc.

4.  Sales Force Automation.

Automating repetitive tasks like outgoing calls to clients and follow-up campaigns,    organization of data for more effective future campaigns, helps increase efficiency of work by   allowing your employees to devote their time and focus to more complex tasks.

5. Sales Analytics. 

CRM helps you collect data from social media, internet and website traffic, then analyze it, to   be able to create better sales campaigns in the future by analyzing the hard data of past  campaigns.

6. Reports and Dashboards.

It's of utmost importance that the CRM is enabled with an easy to visualize and grasp dashboard   and reporting system. Statistics in a highly visual and understandable manner, engaging   perspective using customized reports and easy to navigate dashboards offering real-time data   updates and a platform that can be accessed from anywhere by the permitted members give a   perfect interaction to take the next step.

7.Prediction and Forecasting  

Based on past sales data, industry-wide comparisons, and economic trends, this module enables   estimating future sales. Near to accurate sales forecasting enables companies to make informed   business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance and make wiser investments   and commitments.

8. Email Client Integration.

This CRM module keeps record of your client's previous interactions with the company, their   interests, payment schedules and modes, order quantities etc. SO, when a customer calls needing   support, your company can do a better dealing for both sides.

9. Workflow automization and Approvals.  

Many tasks that had been done manually can be automized through the CRM like data collection,   data analysis, marketing campaigns etc. The CRM's reporting and analysis module helps in   identifying the problem areas well in time and hence assist in improving efficiency and   performance. With all positive flow, automatic approvals and notifications ease out the   regular/routine processes.

10. Sales Data.

Sales tracking is one of the best features of CRM software to organize your sales and customer   data into manageable groups keeping track of all sales activities of your business. Sales   tracking covers up every single aspect of the sales process, right from following up on day to   day activities to projecting future sales. This software helps identify pain points and make   data-driven decisions.

11. Data / File Storage.

A proprietary method of data storage enabling users to pull up the data in an efficient manner   is another important feature. CRM also offers safeguards to protect and backup this important   data to prevent losses and security breaches.

12. Files Sync and Share. 

Sync and sharing features of CRM enables you to view all of your feature set from one  platform. It supports email uploads from Outlook, sync with Google Drive, import spreadsheets and   more. Hence you needn't worry about your outside programs.

13. Inside Sales Console

This module has a dashboard-like interface providing an efficient way to follow up on leads,  assess companies, identify key contacts, and access sales intelligence. Making it possible to   individually keep note of every sale and details, this module increases productivity and   improves customer relationship.

14.Sales Performance Management.

This feature works to the benefits of sales teams. Team managers can easily see the performance   of their team and analyze which areas need improvement. Availability of organized data enables   addressing the problems and finding their apt solutions well in time.

15. Marketing Automation Integration.

This feature enables you to have a better understanding of your market and buyers. It allows you   to target your prospective audience more efficiently and strategically. Improving focus and areas   of concentration, this will increase chanced of conversion.

16. Chat Integration.

The chat feature builds user trust in you and your company. The satisfaction of being able to   communicate adds to your benefit and enables quick resolution of doubts and queries.

17. Call Center Automation and Integration.

The CRM UI enables you to control your company call center and integrate any third-party program   into a single platform. Fewer programs saves time and efforts and improves efficacy as there   would be lesser chances of loss of information while transfer.

18. Web Analytics Integration.

This features enables you to collect and access the statistics about who how many how frequently   is visiting on your website, from your UI. Having complete access to raw data makes it possible to   analyze the user interaction and interest and helps in prediction and better panning and   management.

19. Support Automation.

This will automate most of the Customer support features like FAQ pages, chat bots and email   correspondence etc and can be monitored through the UI itself.

20. Cloud-Based or On-Premise CRM. 

Unlike on-site CRM systems that use a network of highly-customizable onsite licensed hardware   and software systems that to store customer data, Cloud CRM solutions exist on remote servers   where software updates, security measures, hardware upgrades, backups and more are managed by   the CRM software service provider. Both options have their own plus and minus depending where is   the solution needed.

21. Product Monitoring.

This feature keeps you aware about the demand and performance of each product in the market.   This software serves as an inventory database for your products and you know which ones give a   better sale and around what specific times of the year.

22. Employee Activity Management . 

Depending upon the roles you assign to your employees you can segregate which employee can view   what sections of the CRM. This also serves as a safety feature preventing data leakage and   security breach.

23. 3rd-Party Integrations. 

Third party integrations are always an important feature of any CRM software. Integration of    ERP, BI, HR and the like allows for added functionality and streamlined operation.

24. Campaign Management. 

CRM will connect analytics with data collection module, which helps in planning a better   strategy and campaign for future sales. This solution helps you make your marketing efforts   better targeted and personalised. User friendly dashboards display the past sales and results,   future predictions based on web analytics and market reports and such features when combined   together assist in a fruitful campaign management.

25. Flexible CRM.

Our software is a flexible one with customization options as per clients specific requirements   of changes to the existing one. There's always room for more.

26. Email Marketing Integration.

Email marketing is indeed an integral part of any business marketing. Whatever type of email   marketing you use, ready to use ones of a custom robust email marketing software, you can   integrate it to our CRM to import contacts, data and save the information for future reference.

27. Social Media Management Integration

This feature will help you monitor and control your social media business accounts or pages   even if they are worked upon by multiple team members. It helps in social media marketing and   keeping the world updated about developments and introductions at your place.

28. Customer Attention / relationship

Attending to your customer and keeping them happy is of utmost importance, attending to their   queries and resolving their complaints. Our CRM software assist you keep track of and pay   individual attention to each client. Customer case tracking, opening, solution, closure, re   opening while maintaining their security is an important feature here. Data security is taken  care of.

29. Mobile CRM -

Just like it's a must that a website is accessible on all screen sizes to compete in today's  internet market, so is the necessity of a mobile CRM. You can say it's an App through which you   can monitor and keep track and hold of any of your modules.  

As per industry requirements and your personal preferenece and budget, many other features can be included in the CRM, like, calender module for pre booking and completion of task reports, messaging, transaction tracker, team tracker/GPS, automatic invoice generation, google ad integration, reminders etc . All you need is to choose an experienced and trustworthy software development company in India to fulfill your set in reasonable prices and provide you with an extendable solution.

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