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Why Does Your Factory Need An Energy Management System.

Why Does Your Factory Need An Energy Management System.

Manufacturing sector is one of the highest growing sectors. It is also a power intensive sector involving great energy consumption. We are a Delhi based software development company serving this sector for efficient energy management solutions to assist in increasing energy efficiency by keeping a check on consumption and to reduce operational costs and sustain their competitiveness.

While usage of energy has the potential to be one of the best cost savings method, it is also the most hard-to-manage costs in manufacturing, with high levels of unpredictability and instability. 

Why do you think effective and sustained energy management is important?

• Effective energy management can substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts associated with energy consumption.
• To reduce the dependence on and consumption of the increasingly depleting the fossil fuels.
• Efficient energy management helps reduce the risk by optimising the demand for energy and by controlling it to make it more efficient and effectively manageable.
• With inflation all over, energy costs are definitely rising. The EMS software helpng to keep a check on extra consumption and leakages or misuse of any kind helps reduce this cost too.

Our custom build software with a real time dashboard displays everything you would wish to know and look at in your manufacturing units regarding Energy consumption. 

Real-Time Analysis
Interactive Dashboards observe hourly to daily, monthly and annual patterns for decision making.This enables you to analyze the use of energy and utilities to support energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Performance Indicator helps you set your Energy Baselines to monitor progress and fix further targets.

Alarms & Events
Identifies disturbances and anomalies in trend and notifies on the Dashboard. 

Cloud Server
The EMS tool is hosted on a cloud server which makes data all time and all lopcation available.

For more features in our EMS, read our page about Energy Management System Development 

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