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What Is Incident/Emergency Management?

What Is Incident/Emergency Management?

Incidents, accidents or emergencies are unexpected but keep happening.It could be anywhere and at anytime, at a hospital, in a school, at your factory, hotel, construction sites, just anywhere and in various forms, could be a natural calamity or an attack, a burglary, a short circuit etc. Not talking of the wider prospects, incidents could also include a faulty laptop, email delivery issues, lack of access to your intranet or corporate network, all in terms of IT.

The motive of incident management thus becomes to restore normal operation as quickly as possible with minimum disruption or damage. Emergency management software basically means being prepared. We have been building all kinds of cloud based softwares for various industries all over the globe to assist them in smooth functioning and be alerted well in time for an incidents or emergencies. Our emergency management software application helps organizations, companies, institutes before, during, and after an emergency by providing an efficient software for regular communication, planning in advance, emergency alerts,response, and reporting. Our methodical emergency notification systems for business, industrial & institutional incidents have made us one of the best software development company in India.

So lets count a few incident or emergency solutions that come to our mind in the first go-

Incident solutions for fire and rescue
Emergency Alerts for thefts or unauthorised entries
Emergency solution for factories and manufacturing units
Incident apps for electrical emergencies in restaurants, educational institutes or any functional body for that matter
On a larger scale, emergency management softwares are of great help to the government bodies for natural calamities and other unexpected functional crisis

Preparedness means expecting the unexpected and thats what our software does for you and keeps you prepared and buckled up. While emergency planning and incident management does not forestall or terminate the threat, it for sure focuses on minimising the negative impact and consequences resulting from a mishap.

Read More - Features of Incident Management Software.

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